All That Glimmers is(n't) Gold?

All That Glimmers is(n't) Gold?

What to look out for when buying gold plated jewelry!

There are so many jewelry brands selling gold plated options for a more affordable option for their customers. Pricing across the board varies dramatically when it comes to gold plated, so how do you know when gold plated is actually quality?

When buying gold plated jewelry the number one difference is the base metal.

Most plating is over brass and copper, which have high levels of nickel in them. These are not great for anyone with sensitive skin. They tarnish and can last anywhere from 6 months to maybe a year. You do not want to shower or get this type of jewelry wet because it will wear on the jewelry and can turn your skin green. When looking for gold plated, one of the best metals is stainless steel. It is the most durable and safe to wear for sensitive skin. This type of gold plating can be worn in the shower. At Heirloom + Co. all of the gold plated options are medical grade stainless steel with 14k-18k gold plating. 

The level of microns of gold will also determine the quality. Microns can range anywhere from .5 - 2.5 microns thick. If you see the gold levels are anywhere lower than .5, it is not considered gold.