Piercing Precision

We cannot get enough piercing curation. From the constellation to the helix, placement is key. No matter what your ear shape or size, there is a place ( or 7) for a new piercing. Load up on nap earrings and curate each ear as its own celestial gallery of sparkles.

Our 5 tips to creating a well balanced ear

1. Variation - When it comes to the earring itself, have a mixture of simple designs and more ornate designs. Choose one spot to showcase with an eye catching earring and like a centerpiece, use smaller, simple designs to dance around it. If you have too many eye catching pieces, they won't stand out as much and it may look busy, but not in a good way.

2. Color and Crystal - We love mixing metals, but when it comes to a more permanent everyday earring, stick to one color metal. We love sparkle, but it's also best when you have a mixture of a solid metal mixed in as well.

3. Ear shape - Plan! Take a picture of your ear so you can map out exactly the spots that you have the best spaces for some dazzle. It's all about location, baby!

4. Take your time - Piercings can take some time to heal and require maintenance, so if you are planning to add multiple holes at once, be prepared to take care of them. 

5. Symmetry - Each ear can be viewed individually. The asymmetry is more interesting to look at, but it also gives you more to play with when choosing single earrings.